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Parental Control Logs Disappearing

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I decided to enable the parental controls for a standard account. Immediately I was able to see all the application usage times in the logs section of the Parental Controls Systems Preferences panes. The browsing history for Safari however, was empty. I assumed then that history would begin logging from the point I enabled the parental controls onward. I tested this by creating a Test account, enabling parental controls, and using Safari. The browsing history of the Test account appeared just fine.

A couple days later, I checked the logs for my standard account. It showed browsing history logs, the most recent date being the date I had activated the parental controls (even though the user had been browsing more recently), and the logs went backward about a week or so from there, none of which I had been able to see previously.

A couple more days later, the web browsing log is completely blank, although the application usage log still shows Safari is being used frequently.

During this entire time, System Preferences would often become unresponsive and refused to force quit, causing me to do a hard shutdown a couple times. I did an archive & install of Leopard from my iMac discs. To date, no web browsing history logs are showing at all.

I've looked in /Library/Logs/ at both the root and user level, but I don't see anything that would pertain to parental controls.

Any advice on how I can get these logs working correctly?
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