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I've owned Macs since May 1992. I've had exactly two hardware failures: a logic board failure in a white iBook G3/500 that was not covered by the repair extension and the hard drive from my G4/450DP long after it had been relegated to backup duties. I've even had great success with "Frankenstein" machines like the Power Computing PowerCenter I built using a variety of parts bought on ebay.

Even after all that my anecdotal evidence is no stronger or weaker than anyone else's.

Just for fun I'm going to point out to camroidv27 that there's no such thing as a Quadra 810av and remind MelGross that his Quadra 950 had NuBus slots, not PCI

You're right, NuBus slots it was. I didn't say it had PCI slots. I was talking about the memory slots, which were SIMMs.