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Yesterday morning, I connected my Western Digital, FAT32 external hard drive to the USB port on the back of my Airport Extreme N. I configured it via the Airport Utility, enabled file sharing w/ disk password, Guest Access (Read and Write), and configured Windows File Sharing to share with my network's Workgroup, VSNET.

Seconds later (in the same OS I did the configuration, Windows Vista), I went to "My Computer", chose "Map Network Drive", and the Airport Extreme Showed up, with the Hard Drive as a subfolder. It asked for the username, which was the IP address, along with the password, and instantly mapped it as a "Network Drive" in My Computer.

Here's where the problem comes in: I tried to to the exact same process on Windows 7 (RC1). I open "My Computer", choose to "Map Network Drive", but as soon as I double click the Airport Extreme folder (with the Hard Drive sub folder) it says:

"(MY-AIRPORT-EXTREME) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The account is not authorized to log in from this station."

Playing around with Local security guest settings (as one user in another site suggested), I restarted, and the Network Drive showed up INSTANTLY mapped within "My Computer"... I just opened it up and there it was, I never entered the password or anything... Which would have been fine, BUT, I no longer had any internet access, Wired or Wireless! So I had to do a System Restore, and here I am again.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ever have this problem before? Familiar with any potential solutions? It seemed that a few Security Policy adjustments might fix the issue, but the wrong ones ended up disabling my Internet (although I could still see all the contents of the external hard drive...!!)

Thank you in advance!