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suggestions for birthday gift?

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my oldest sister will be turning 30 later this month and i am at a loss as to what to buy her. since 30 is a big one, i figured something memorable would be preferred over something with a high monetary value. my budget doesnt allow for more than $200 anyway.

does anyone have suggestions?
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Tell us some more about your sister... is she married? does she have kids? a house? does she have any hobbies she's passionate about?

Also, consider that, at her age, she might have all the material things she wants or needs and perhaps just time with you at a dinner theater or something would create a memory more valuable than any object you might purchase.
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yep, she's married, has a kid, house, and loves to cook

i think you're right, she has all of the material things she really needs / wants so my other siblings and i are collaborating on making a gift book at CelebrateAHero.com. going to be adding some heartfelt wishes, memories, photos, etc. to it

also made a reservation to her favorite restaurant for all of us to attend
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Married with children, eh? Why don't you just take her and her husband out to dinner? If you can't stand the husband, then just call a restaurant and arrange to buy them the price-fixed dinner with a bottle of wine. Done.
Cat: the other white meat
Cat: the other white meat
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Or does she have a nice spa or resort in her town? $200 might buy her a few nice things (manicure, pedicure, facial) at a local day spa.
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You may be able to find a nice ceramic bowl painted by a real artist, a large one. She could keep it for a life time and fill it with her sundry cooking delicacies. A local shop where i live have some that come from Romania and they are beautiful.
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