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Reviews by: trumptman

Problematic and severe quality control issues


Pros: small, light, accurate pedometer, decent screen

Cons: screen issues, expensive, no software update

I've always been a fan of the Nano size factor and have owned all generations of the Nano from 4th through 7th. I always enjoy having extra music and podcasts around with me and prefer to save the space on my iPhone other concerns.   This will be the first generation iPod Nano I will ever have sold off because of reliability concerns. I've gone through three of them and the issue is always the same. A period of time passes and the screen suddenly develops horizonal lines of pixels that no longer work. A search reveals the issue is common.   To me it is unexcusable. Apple sells this item for more than many touch screen phones go for in this day and age. To have such shoddy...
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AppleInsider › trumptman › Reviews by trumptman