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Fantastic little machine


Pros: It gives a whole new meaning to the word: "mobility"

Cons: Battery life is under 2 hours for most usage

I have owned at least a dozen different Mac laptops over the years, starting with a Powerbook 1400 back in the day. The 13-inch Air is my absolute favorite of the bunch. It's the first laptop that feels truly mobile (as opposed to just luggable).    It's so light you can pick it up in one hand without really even exerting your wrist. It's so thin that you can put in in a backpack, strap that backpack on, and sit down at the wheel of your car without taking it off. You won't even know there's a laptop back there.   This 13" Air is my work computer, but this kind of mobility isn't just for business travelers anymore. I'm a parent of a toddler and I find it...
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AppleInsider › ahilal › Reviews by ahilal