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Excellent drive, SSD, and System Test Tool


Pros: Outperforms other products detecting hard drive problems, has capabilities to isolate cable, memory and system bus problems.

Cons: It could look a little snazzier.

Scannerz for Mac OS X is a hard drive, SSD, and system test tool for Mac's. I got this tool over a year ago and it's just continued to get better as time progresses. The current version is 1.8, which implements both a much higher speed interface to accommodate  some of the high bandwidth data rates in the new Mac Pro's and it also uses the new diagnostics mode which became available in version 1.7 of the product. Since all updates for the product have been free, this has been a great buy as far as test tools go.   I suspect many people think that this is a "discount" version of  TechTool Pro or Drive Genius, but it isn't. The company's old web site used to emphasize the...
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AppleInsider › BWilliams210 › Reviews by BWilliams210