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Pros: good for tracking runs as long as its working properly

Cons: cheap, unreliable, low quality, expensive, waste of money and time

I was given the Ipod nano 6th generation for Christmas 2011. I was starting to take up running and needed something to track my run. since I just started I was only using my Ipod roughly 3 times a week for about 45 minutes each time. I have no other use for the Ipod except to track my run and provide music while I run. After about 8 months the volume of my Ipod keep going down. It would not let me turn up the volume. I took it I not the Apple Store and they didn/t know what was wrong with it. They decided to give me a brand new Ipod since it was still under the one year warranty. I was bummed that I lost all of my data on the original Ipod but was relieved that it was being replaced. I...
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AppleInsider › cc420 › Reviews by cc420