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Mouse? What mouse?


Pros: Easy to use. Highly versatile! Looks sweet!

Cons: Some of the gestures are not consistant. Not pressure sensitve

One of the things I'v e learned in the Apple store is 'look, but don't touch'. I know, I know that they actually encourage you to touch and touch a lot. The thing is once you touch it, you've got to have it and if there was ever a device you should keep your fingers off of, its this one. Once you run your fingers across this brushed aluminum slab, it is all over with. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, four! Pinch, swipe, back and forth, left to right, up and down!. Yes, it is technical porn. I don't even have a mouse anymore. Just my wired keyboard and this wireless wonder.  What gets me is that it looks so minimal and yet it is so highly functional in the Apple kind of...
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AppleInsider › WisdomSeed › Reviews by WisdomSeed