Networking A Windows PC and a Mac

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I don't know which Topic this belongs under.

But anyhew...I have a Windows XP PC and my NEW 15" Ti and I wanted to network them so that I could copy all of my tunes to iTunes....

But I can't get the two machines to see each other.

I have them hooked up on a router and they both have IP addresses and I can PING the MAC but I cannot PING the PC

(go figure)

Any ideas??? Please help me!! I WANT to get my tunes into iTunes!!!!


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    try this. Open finder, click network, click go tab and connect to server. Enter the ip address on the Pc and it will try and connect. This is how I set up the same network connection. Good luck.


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    farmer2farmer2 Posts: 21member
    Do you have file and printer sharing for microsoft networks enabled on the pc?

    Is the pc set to obtain ip adress automatically? Are both computers getting their ip address from the router?

    IF both of these items are yes you might want to try reboot the pc then reboot the mac.

    Get a command prompt on the pc and type "ipconfig" and it will give you info for local ip address and router.

    Make sure the mac and pc are seeing the router.

    By the way are both able to access the internet?

    Edit forgot something

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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    [quote] -On PC and Mac, make sure the workgroup names are the same. On PC, this means Start-&gt;MyComputer-&gt;Rightclcik-&gt;Properties-&gt;Computer Name-&gt; press Change. Should be Workgroup as the workgroupname. On Mac, Applications:Utilities launch Directory Access, click lock and enter password to admin, then click smb and configure. Make sure name is the same workgroup name as on PC.

    -On Mac, System preferences:Sharing Tab. Click on Windows File Sharing

    -On PC: Make sure you have atleast one folder shared.

    -To mount PC share on the Mac:Go menu, Connect to Server. If the PC shows up great, just click it. If not, enter the IP as smb://IP_Adress/sharename. Enter userid and password and you are set

    -To mount Mac shares on the PC:Start-&gt;My Network Places, Click Add Network Place. Click Next a few times, till you see a Browse button, click browse, expand Entire Network object until you see the Mac name there.

    Both the Mac and the PC have to have folders shared inorder to share.

    If either computer can't 'see' the other:

    -check cables

    -check workgroup names

    -ensure folders are shared

    -pick up XP box and heave it out the Window.

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    I'm having a similar problem. Both my PC and Mac were on the same hub, but I changed that so now one is on the hub and one has its own connection port. The PC is sharing a folder, but I dont know how to share a folder on the mac and I get an work is not accessible. you do not have permission warning from the pc. Also the PC doesnt show up in the Finder connect window. I tried finding my PCs IP address, but when I type in ipconfig a little black ms_dos type prompt flashes and goes away, probably because of the networks lag spikes.

    Does anyone know how I can network these two comps, I have already done everything listed.


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    [quote]Originally posted by BuzzardsBay:

    <strong>I tried finding my PCs IP address, but when I type in ipconfig a little black ms_dos type prompt flashes and goes away, probably because of the networks lag spikes.


    It sounds like you are you typing 'ipconfig' into the little textbox that comes up when you select run... from the Start menu.

    Running any short command from here will result in a black ms-dos box flashing up.

    If you actually want to be able to read the results type 'cmd' instead, then type 'ipconfig' in the window that opens. (I think the exact command is different under different versions of windows but it is 'cmd' for Win2k).

    If you still can't get it to work then you need to be more specific about your situation.

    Version of windows, version of Mac OS X, exactly how the machines are networked, what from the suggestions in this thread worked and what didn't, and what error messages or unexpected behaviour are you seeing.

    Note that you probably have to detail what you expected to happen as switchers often go about things the MSFT way and then worder why Mac OS X 'isn't working the way it should'.

    If you can provide that then I'm sure someone can help you.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    [quote]Originally posted by Defiant:


    What aboot the "WINS Server" bit.

    I can see everyone on my lan, but the apparently cannot see me.

    Where can I find "Wins Server" info on a PC?
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    farmer2farmer2 Posts: 21member
    stupider...likeafox is right more info and detail is needed to diagnose the problem.

    Aside from networking the mac and pc together, are they able to access the internet simultaneously while plugged into your router.

    The reason I ask is, some routers have dhcp users set to 1 by default. In other words, only one computer is recognized by the built in dhcp server on the router. A good simple test would be to see if both have internet access. If they do, we're on to the next possibility.
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    Some details are that I have Mac OS X 10.2.4 and Windows XP. The Dell w/ XP is running through a Netgear hub along with another PC and the Mac has its own port. The hub is plugged into one ethernet net port and the Apple into the other, being that my room only has two outlets and three computers. All three have access to the internet via UNH T3 or T1 line (I'm not sure which). The apple shows up in network neighborhood on the Dell, but the Dell does not show up on the Apple.

    If there is anything else you need to know, just let me know.

    Thanks for your time,

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    [quote]Originally posted by BuzzardsBay:


    If there is anything else you need to know, just let me know.


    Well, first up, what are you trying to do?

    If you just need read-only access to files on the Mac, the easiest solution is probably to turn on Personal Web Sharing in System Preferences -&gt; Sharing.

    If you do this then any files placed in [code]~/Sites</pre><hr></blockquote> (i.e. assuming your short username is buzzard, [code]/Users/buzzard/Sites</pre><hr></blockquote>) can be downloaded using a browser on any machine on the same network from [code]http://x.x.x.x/~buzzard/</pre><hr></blockquote>; where your ip adress that you use instead of x.x.x.x is displayed at the bottom of the window where you turn on Personal Web Sharing.

    At first <a href="http://x.x.x.x/~buzzard/"; target="_blank">http://x.x.x.x/~buzzard/</a>; will allow you to access a placeholder webpage. If you go into ~/Sites and delete the document called index.html then the next time you access that address you will see a directory listing of everything in ~/Sites.

    If you need read/write access or anything else specific let us know.
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    Would read-only allow me transfer files. Basically the whole point of this network is to transfer music from my XP machine to my powerbook.

    :edit: Another question, from my XP machine the Apple shows up in my workgroup, but I'm prompted for a username and password. I don't remember assigning anything and was wondering what this should be or where I might find it?

    Thanks again,


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    Mission Accomplished, I just got the folder I needed from PC to Mac.

    Thanks again guys, couldnt have done it without your help.

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