Pismo problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a Pismo 500 running OS X 4.11 with 512Mb of RAM. One day, recently, I closed the lid kicking it into its "sleep" mode to move it elsewhere. When I opened the lid again, it would not come out of its "sleep" mode. The "start" button would not even work. Thought something "went down"... But found this out... I went and removed the main battery, the "P-RAM" battery and AC adapter along with the processor card. When I reinstalled them and reset the PMU on the back, it booted up. But one time I went to the open firmware and reset it and now it will not allow me to "start up" at all. It does not seen to me that anything is "fired" - maybe something is "confused". I can tell it is getting power as the "cap locks" key lights up. Any thoughts...? Thanks in advance.
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