OT: ARM Provides Technology for LG Electronics Digital TVs

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ARM Provides Technology for LG Electronics Digital TVs

High Performance, Energy Efficient ARM11 MPCore and ARM Mali GPUs to Drive the Digitally Connected Home

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ARM [(LSE:ARM); (Nasdaq:ARMH)] today announces that LG Electronics, one of the world?s largest digital TV brands, has licensed ARM® technology to power its digital TV (DTV) development revolution.

The ARM11? MPCore? multicore processor provides flexible and cost effective processing in next generation DTVs and enables LG Electronics to target a range of platforms with the same architecture simply by implementing single or multiple SMP cores. ARM Mali?-200 and Mali-400 MP graphics processors will open the path to true 1080p resolutions, affording consumers a home cinema experience that includes high-definition graphics, whilst vastly improving the browsing experience on DTV user interfaces.

Consumers are looking for a full Web 2.0 experience from their DTVs. With Adobe and Open source software platforms, and the emergence of tru2way? technology, consumers can receive interactive cable services, including video-on-demand, voting and polling, games, and e-commerce without the need for a separate set-top box. Additionally, manufacturers are striving to build intelligent AV processing and develop home devices that are truly energy efficient.

?By licensing ARM technologies, LG Electronics will be able to offer a future-proofed premium-quality digital TV experience for today?s connected home,? said Seung-Jong Choi, research fellow of Digital TV Lab, LG Electronics. ?The connected home relies on technology that is fully functional and that guarantees a high-quality, energy efficient multimedia experience. With Web 2.0 requirements moving into a connected and high definition home, LG Electronics has selected the ARM architecture to guarantee longevity for our own technology.?

Does LG feel the need to lock people into their set systems or feel a pinch from people like Apple who want to turn the HDTV into a dumb device and manage the service from AppleTV or both?


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