Is there an application to convert dual HD/SD for Apple TV/iPhone?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Buying a TV show from iTunes it's common now to get both HD and SD versions in one download, and iTunes is smart enough to copy the correct versions over to the Apple TV and iPhone.

My question is, when converting movies for myself is there any application which will make SD and HD versions and link them in whatever way iTunes wants ? (so I don't get duplicate entries in iTunes)

Not a big thing obviously, just a niggle.

I currently use XVID4PSP to convert video, as it handles every format imaginable and will burn subtitles into the video (very useful for anime). However, although it will happily dump Apple TV and iPhone compatible files out, it doesn't know how to link them.

XVID4PSP is on PC, but a Mac app would be fine too. I have both, and don't mind.

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