Apple ATT different pricing?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Okay, so someone tell me I'm crazy:

I go to, select iPhone 3GS, new family plan, put in all my, info, etc. and the cheapest plan is:

AT&T FamilyTalk $99.99

FamilyTalk Nation 700 Rollover and Unlimited Night/Weekend and Unlimited Mobile-To-Mobile minutes

Data Plan for iPhone $30.00

It doesn't mention it being for more than one line, either, that I can tell.

On the AT&T website, Family plans:

FamilyTalk: 69.99 for first 2 lines and 9.99 for each additional.

Data plan is still $30.00

Why the (huge) discrepancy? What am I missing? (please let it be something on the Apple side, since I like the ATT prices much better...)
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