iChat half working

in macOS edited January 2014
Some days I think computers were made for the old age pensioner,other days it seems the technology is a wee bit much. I have been using my iMac for about 2 years without much problem except Safari being incompatible with eBay. My friends have IMacs also, 2 of them with Leopard. while I have Tiger. We have talked on iChat without anything but the usual system glitches all this time. However, the other day I talked to one , and then went to talk to the other and my picture didn't show on his screen, and my little monitor picture froze, and it has been doing that ever since. I can see and hear him, and he can hear me but there is no picture. The test shows my camera working and it works fine on Skype. My other friend is in Europe so I can't tell if it is working with his computer. Anyone have an idea what might be causing this glitch ? thank you,Tom
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