Cd-Utils Recovery Disk ?

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Ok ok ok, this may be a dumb question but I still have to ask (how else will I learn ?)

In the olden days (OS9) I used to have a lot of problems with an old disk drive and seemed to be running Norton all the time on it. It actually got to the point of me making a Boot Cd with minimal system, Norton Utils and Other useful little apps I had gathered over the years.

I would like to do this for OSX as I have a dual G4 who?s hard drive is having a little wobble, I have had to install OSX and Norton (and extra utils) on a clean partition boot from it and repair the original drive. This is ok as I have bags of room (and a spare partition) but without it I would be stuck.

Can I make a trusty repair utils disk ?

If so how do I get he system Norton and extra apps on and running as a boot disk ?




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    rbfoyerbfoye Posts: 77member
    Dont have an answer for you, but I am having similar problems.

    Can you tell me if I can partition a hard disk with stuff on it, i.e., when you a partition a hard disk, do you lose everthing on the disk?

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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    If you partition a disk it will erase it's entire contents.

    sorry :-(
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    If I understand what you are looking for it would be a utility to let you make a minimal system, and add a utility to it, such as drive 10. What you would be looking for is <a href=""; target="_blank">VersionTracker- BootCD</a>

    This lets you make a minimal system and add a utility, or other self contained program on the CD. It won't work with Norton Utilities, since they cannt seem to have an application that is self contained- they seem to have the need to put crap all over your hard drive.

    Anyways, enough of a rant about Norton- hope this is what you are looking for!

    Oh- almost is kinda slow..but it will get the job done just fine. Just keep in mind the first time you start off of your new CD- it will seem to drag forever..but fret is working and will boot up. On my system at least it seems to get faster after the first two times of start up.


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