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Firstly may i apologise if this has been asked already but I am having trouble trying to sync my iPod touch to my laptop. Due to problems with the laptop it had to have the hard disc reformatted and Vista reinstalled. I downloded itunes again but when i tried to sync it would not let me telling me the iPod was already synced to another computer. Can somebody please give me an idea what i can do to syunc the two things together again.

I did a search using vista, sync and reinstall but came up empty.


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    gordygordy Posts: 970member
    First, you'll need to log into the iTunes store with your AppleID & password. Then, reauthorize your computer ('Store' menu).

    Then, download a Windows utility to get the music off of your iPod. There are plenty out there. You're looking for a utility that'll let you view the contents of your iPod in an Explorer window.

    Plug in your iPod, ignore iTunes when it attempts to sync.

    Locate a folder on the iPod that contains all of your music. When I did this a few weeks ago on a Mac, the 'Artists' folder fit the bill.

    Drag that folder to the iTunes Library.

    Double-click on one of your purchased songs in iTunes. You'll be prompted for your AppleID & password.

    That should be it. Good luck.

    Oh, one more thing, if all of your music was bought from the iTunes Store, you can simply transfer purchases from your iPod when iTunes asks you.
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