Folders Hotkeys and IMAP Inbox Subfolders

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I have 2 questions about Apple Mail while using on an IMAP system:

1. I have an IMAP account setup to work with Apple Mail, but any additional folders I create are not under my Inbox, but instead under another subheading which was created at the root level of my server. What's annoying is when I search in Mail, it doesn't search that subfolder as well. My belief is that if the folder was under my Inbox then it would search all my mail. Any way to create these folders under my Inbox?

2. When I finish reading an e-mail in my Inbox, I like to place it in a folder called "Filed". Does Apple Mail have a built-in keyboard shortcut for this function? Are there any good and simple 3rd party add-on's for this function? I checked out and there seem to be so many to choose from.


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