Activated ATV USB , copied files, added Boxee

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
The warranty on my ATV expired long ago since I did not purchase a protection plan. I finally had the courage to use Patch stick. Initially, I read that it would not work with Leopard. However, I tried anyway and it did. I downloaded absolute latest ATV update (dmg file) before I started rather let the Patch stick find it for me. I also updated my ATV before I started. I then pointed the ATV USB Creator to the downloaded dmg.

I installed Cyberduck and was able to copy some files that I did not have on my new MBP. I then loaded Boxee. The Apple remote does not control Boxee very well so I tried Boxee remote from App Store. The Boxee remote works much better.

This is so cool!! The Hulu feeds are awesome. It's like having free cable!

Next I want to replace the 40GB drive with a 160GB drive.
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