Companies abusing Variable Pricing?

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Hello everyone. As many of you all know, Apple converted their entire music library into DRM free iTunes plus format. However, they had to agree to variable pricing. It was advertised that new hit songs would be $1.29, regular would be 99, while old not so current songs would be 69. Someone tell me how many 69 cent songs they can find? Slim to none. The only one that ive seen that is 69 is around a 30 second song by Eminem. Now, how many $1.29 songs can you find? Entire albums! All of Green days songs are $1.29. And this is not just green day. Tons of bands are doing the exact same thing. Is it just more, or are the record companies just making us pay more and not anything less?


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    karl kuehnkarl kuehn Posts: 756member
    This is not what you expected? It is exactly what I knew they were going to do. The Record companies have gotten used to the idea that if they put enough marketing behind anything they can make whatever amount of profit they want. And thus far reality hitting them in the face has just made them go to the courts and congress to get bigger sticks.
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