NAVIGON MobileNavigator for iPhone Available

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Pricing is set at $99 ? on sale for $69 through August 15. So, if you prefer to pay up front rather than entering into a subscription service, and you give MobileNavigator North America a try, let us know how it works for you.

Wow... $99. That is only $30 than a lot of hardware units. Suddenly bundled GPS or simply using it for for that occasional day at $3 a pop doesn't sound so terrible. (VZ Navigator is available for $3 a day for single use)

Shouldn't this cost about $40 at most?


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    Originally Posted by trumptman View Post

    Shouldn't this cost about $40 at most?

    No. In some ways, the iPhone GPS programs will be more fully featured. Consider they now offer seamless integration with your phone and music. They will not be just for driving now as people will take it with them everywhere they go. The possibility of augmented reality applications are tantalizing. Now, I confess, the price point is a bit opportunistic as many of the possibilities will not be realized for some time. Also, the makers of these programs are saving a ton of money by not having to produce any hardware. I suspect, however, that the real cost of a stand-alone GPS has always been the cartography, not the hardware. That is a fixed cost that does not go away. The value equation also makes more sense if the service includes free or cheap updates.

    To me, the real question is not whether the early adopter prices are a bit high, but how long do stand-alone GPS devices have before they become obsolete.
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