Screen randomly darker?

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I have the 3G S and a new problem that's been bugging me since I got it. I'm just trying to see if this is a common problem or something unique to me. When the phone is on, but asleep, if I wake it up (with any button press), once in a while (not too often--maybe once a week) the screen will be noticeably darker than it should be. Like the brightness setting was set VERY low. If I put it back to sleep and then re-awaken it, the brightness is fixed. It's not a major problem, just an annoyance that takes 2 seconds to fix... but is it common or unique? Thank you to all who reply!


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    I wonder if you are experiencing what I have experienced from time to time but not often. The screen turns a transparent grey when I hit the home button after the phone as been asleep. If I hit any button after, it will fix itself everytime. I wonder if its not big deal or if our phones are messed up in some way.
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    My 3G-S phone does the same thing. It's not a big deal like you said, but it is an annoyance. So, far, it's the only "issue" I've had with my phone. Do you think this is a hardware problem or perhaps can it be fixed with a software update? I'm a square when it comes to this stuff, so forgive me
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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    turning off auto-brightness fixed it for me. It think that feature doesn't work unless the phone is unlocked

    Also, try not to cover up the auto-brightness sensors with your hand or thumb
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    I personally don't experience this problem. Could be a hardware defect for yours. Send it to Apple for a check.
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    Yep, that happens now and then. There's ambient light brightness sensor in. I'm quite certain it's that sensor, which is to blame.
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