AT&T Caught Censoring the Internet, Net Neutrality War Begins

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Ok, so perhaps everyone overreacted a bit, but it is understandable considering the tense net neutrality debate in the USA.

AT&T was caught[B] censoring certain webpagesB] from it's broadband subscribers, specifically certain sections of the popular This is clearly *against all precedent* of internet neutrality, the free flow of information, and the right to freedom of speech.

Although the actual event was minor, affecting only one website, this is about the principal of the matter. Unless there is a legitimate excuse, this is unacceptable at many levels, it is probably illegal, and the FTC will no doubt get involved.

4chan" target="_blank">

Boycott to end broadband service with AT&T (currently around 9500 users)


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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Oh no, where will the nation's 12-year-olds get their child and tentacle rape porn?
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    trajectorytrajectory Posts: 647member
    That is not censorship, the twits from 4chan launched DOS attacks on AT&T's network. They deserved what they got. It's a shame AT&T didn't make the block permanent. That site is overrun by a bunch of spoiled brat script kiddies who post child porn and illegal software full of viruses. Their only goal is to cause mischief.
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