Cant sign into Itunes.

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I purchased an ipod touch a few months ago and I had been using my AOL account to sign into Itunes. I frequently load prepaid cards onto the account so it has money on it. But when I tried to sign in yesterday Itunes told me that I HAD to have an Apple ID account. I was annoyed but im like ok fine whatever ill sign up. So when I start the registration thing it requires a credit card which I dont have. I cant even sign into the apple forums for help because of this and everytime I try to call or email them they say they cant help me unless I pay them MORE money for some 2 year care package thing. Is it possible to continue using Itunes as I have been or should I just accept that apple has stolen my money and give up? Thank you very much in advance!
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