iTunes Cocoa?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
With Snow Leopard coming out, the last vestiges of Apple's Carbon apps will be swept away, including the Finder and QuickTime. However, one important exception remains:


According to a blogger, iTunes is still a Carbon app:

Given the volume of legacy code that permeates iTunes, especially the code that's linked to the old QuickTime graphical framework. Perhaps QuickTime X is the first step in the process of Cocoa-fying iTunes.

With the rich functionality, Windows version, support for music and video files (including DRM), as well as just about every iPod and iPhone ever shipped, such a migration would be an especially daunting challenge.

So when do you think it will happen? I'm guessing that it won't start happening until QuickTime X stabilizes on both Mac and Windows after a few months in production.
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