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While it is potentially interesting to have so many applications under the AutoDesk roof, IF they ever actually get the stuff work harmoniously, more competition is always batter than less. The link below directs you to an online petition for Apple to continue the development of Shake. Please consider co-signing if you have any interest in continued Shake development for the improvement of the 3D and VFX community.

Shake 5 Petition Online


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    I don't think it can just be a petition to Apple because some of the development team behind Shake are working at The Foundry on Nuke. Apple would have to hire them back but what reason is there for them to go back? As you can see from the features:

    Nuke 5 is probably what Shake 5 would have been and they have a purer agenda - not to pander to idiot consumers for bulk sales where the consumer can click a button here and there and pretend to be a compositor.

    Nuke 6 will put Keylight in, which IMO is the best keyer and came with Shake.

    Apple have certainly made a very stupid mistake but we're just going to have to accept it. The best we can hope for from Apple is that Motion eventually branches into allowing nodes and that they make working on the GPU actually viable.

    It's interesting that Apple's Quartz Composer is a node-based GPU compositing tool and can be coded with GLSL shaders. Once Snow Leopard arrives with the OpenCL tools, maybe next year we will see Motion get some Quartz Composer-style feature.

    But, we might not. Motion is clearly aimed at Motion Graphics not at high end compositing. You can do Motion Graphics work with the high end compositors but there aren't so many bundled effects and it's much harder the other way round.

    To be honest, I'd actually much rather see Apple buying or partnering with a company like The Foundry instead and bundling their products along with Final Cut Studio. This way they could increase the sales of Nuke dramatically and lower the cost for the Mac platform, same as they did with Color. They wouldn't obviously discontinue the multi-platform products but if they dropped Nuke in with Final Cut Studio for say $1500, it would be a great bundle.
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