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Ok I have an original Mac Pro Tower with the Dual 2.66s, my stock video card is the NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT.

I have no complaints, I just bought 2 Dell (cough) 23" monitors (hey there were only 325 each) and the card works fine for them.

I also have an original Apple Cinema display that I have been using for years, talk about quality this display almost never get's shut off just goes into screen saver mode and I've had it since the day they introduced the displays (as a side not i payed 4500 for it LOL )

I am thinking about getting a better video card for the DELLs since they are smoking and brand new, and I would still like to have my Cinema display connected for web browsing, I'm going to build it into my coffee table and make it a "flip up" out of the table. So I will need 2 video cards anyway.

My question is, in the 0-250ish dollar range what would be the best card to get for my system? I know cards have come down a ton, but I'm not sure what will be compatible and the best choice for my Mac.

Any help would be like totally awesome and rad dude-mon.


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    Are you worried about performance, or just video ports? I'd probably recommend a pair of the Radeon HD 2600XT cards that came stock with the 2008 Mac Pro. They're dual DVI, as opposed to the DVI + Mini DisplayPort that the current Geforce GT 120s have. Not to mention, while they're not as powerful as the GT 120s, they're going to be a little bit cheaper, and will be a decent upgrade from your current card as it is. Also, given that you have a 7300 GT right now, you must have the 2006/2007 Mac Pro, which doesn't have the PCIe 2.0 that the GT 120 requires. I've heard of people getting it into a 2008 Mac Pro, but a 2006 Mac Pro might be a stretch.
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    A bit over budget at $279 but it's a decent card.
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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post


    A bit over budget at $279 but it's a decent card.

    I second this. Also no need to worry here about what monitors you choose. In this economy, find a deal when you can.
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