Wireless Power and the Touch Tablet

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
I have heard recently that commercial products using wireless power tranmsmission were very close to coming out on the market. I think a mac tablet would be a killer application because unlike a laptop, which is designed for setting on your lap or on a desk or table top, a tablet is meant to be held and drawn on and manipulated. Light weight would be very very valuable for this type of device.

What I imagine to solve this problem is to separate the battery and tablet.. so you would have the absolute bare bones needed to run the tablet on the tablet itself. Then in a removable case you have the battery which transmits the power. Because let's face it. are you going to be carrying something as expensive, beautiful and delicate as a 10" iPhone around without a case? So if you are going to have a case.. why not separate the battery to allow you to handle the tablet much much more easily? (The stand could also be integrated on the removable case rather than having it on the device which would also lighten it and make it sleeker.)

Then when you take the tablet to your car you could set it in/plug it in to a holder and it wouldn't need the battery there either.

And when you were at home around the house and have wireless power being transmitted you also wouldn't need an on-board battery on the tablet there either.

Anyway.. I am going to try to look around on the net and see how far away wireless power might be. I'd love some help scouring the net if anyone is interested.


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