AEBS, iMic and AirTunes?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Can I connect my Griffin iMic (which is connected to speakers) to my Airport Extreme Base Station and be able to stream music wirelessly from my MacBook (or other Macs on the network)? Basically, I'd like to set it up like an Airport Express w/AirTunes which I have in another room only as another set of remote speakers. I'd rather ask for advice upfront before I start screwing with everything.

Thanks for any input.


I found my answer. It doesn't look like it will work. I'll have to use another AirPort Express:

Bummer. I was hoping to hook a USB hub up to the AEBS and then hookup my speakers vis an iMic, my external hard drive, my printer and my IPhone dock (to sync wirelessly) and have access to it all via anything on the network. It will work via a hub for my printer and external hard drive. Wonder if my iPhone dock will work (to sync) connected to the hub (which is connected to the AEBS)?
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