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I was installing Vista in my 20" Imac (flat panel) and it hung up on "completing installation" for about an hour. No keys were working. Finally I decided to manually turn off the computer and reboot. When I did it acted as if it were booting Vista, then it stopped and said: The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, Click ok to restart the computer and then restart installation. I tried this, but all roads lead back to this message.

I've tried every option from "cmmand" to boot in osx, eject to eject the disc inside, mouse key (nothing), eject on the keyboard(it has no power), shift (no dice).

At this point I just want the damn VIsta disc OUT! Hopefully from there I can reboot in osx, somehow.


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    I guess you may have solved this already, but when you first turn the mac on, you need to hold down the option key (also marked "alt" on some apple keyboards) until you see a screen that lets you choose which OS to start up in. Click on the Mac OS option and that will boot to OS X. Once there, go to system preferences and click on the "startup disk" pane to select the OS X disk as the default boot disk.
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