What is the next Apple desktop computer?

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Several years ago, I purchased a dual G5 PowerMac. At the time it was as good as it gets. Even various forums and Apple aficionados said it wouldn't be obsolete for a long time.

Well......literally a few months after purchasing, the quad core came out. And not long after the 8 core. Had I known, I would've waited (if anything for the drop in prices).

So now I'm looking to upgrade to a Mac Pro 8 core. Now, I know everything becomes obsolete sooner or later. I just wanna make sure there isn't a new toy that's coming out later this year.

Any advice is appreciated!


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    Six-core Xeons are coming in the first quarter of next year. Who knows if Apple will use them? They'll be damn expensive processors.
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    There seem to be all-new iMacs planned for release in September. Didn't hear or read about MacPros being updated then, but imo you can rest assured they will be within 12 months.
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    My experience has been that a new model always comes out within a month or so of me buying a new Mac

    Like you said, computers are constantly changing for the better, and at a fairly rapid pace. Just learn to deal with it.
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    If you really don't want to feel ripped-off, buy a refurbished model from the previous generation. Then you'll know it's obsolete, but you won't care because it was such a good deal.
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    When you buy a brandnew model, you buy very temporary bragging rights, and teething problems. Like everything: it's always a trade-off.
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