Credit when credit is due.

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Over the years Apple has made leaps and bounds in the computer and communication industry, without taking any credit for its achievements. Intel was a great addition to Apple, 3G was started by apple for the iPhone, PDEs and the integration of touch screen hand helds. Blackberry and Pod owes Apple for all its unique non-copy writed technology. The laser mouse, the in screen camera, and yes all their superior programs that have made computing and creating all possible today with little or no effort. But enough is enough when I now see Micrsoft Windows laptops have a now glowing windows emblem similar to the famous Apple Trademark glowing emblem. Microsoft has gotten so stretched these days they even have their own search engine "Bing." I can't begin to understand why they did that. This is just nonsense if you as me.

Any Apple Inventions List below if you wish, or just comment.
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