Javascript update in WebKit I found interesting

in Mac Software edited January 2014
2009-08-17 Mark Rowe <[email protected]>

Reviewed by Darin Adler.

Fix 300,000+ leaks seen during the regression tests.

EvalCodeCache::get was heap-allocating an EvalExecutable instance without adopting the initial reference.

While fixing this we noticed that EvalExecutable was a RefCounted type that was sometimes stack allocated.

To make this cleaner and to prevent clients from attempting to ref a stack-allocated instance, we move the

refcounting down to a new CacheableEvalExecutable class that derives from EvalExecutable. EvalCodeCache::get

now uses CacheableEvalExecutable::create and avoids the leak.

* bytecode/EvalCodeCache.h:


* interpreter/Interpreter.cpp:


* runtime/Executable.h:


(JSC::CacheableEvalExecutable::CacheableEvalExecut able):
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