Wiping my mac with instillation discs

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i just bought some original os x discs for my powermac g4, i put the discs in at the login page but they won't automatically go to the instillation, what do i do to wipe it and start over, because i bought it thinking it was wiped, so i can't login to this persons account, please help


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,219member
    There are many models of the PowerMac G4. There were also many versions of MacOS X. You cannot install a version of the OS that is older than the one that shipped with the computer. Neither can you use a System Restore disc to install the OS on a different model Mac.

    Nothing in your post gives a hint as to the compatibility of your OS and computer.
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    You need to start up from the installation disk – holding 'C' on the keyboard – in order to be able to use it to wipe your HD and install new software on it.

    But like Mr. Me said: compatible stuff – installation disk(s) and Mac model! – is a prerequisite.
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