How to install apps from install disk w/o starting from scratch?

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Searched the archives but no luck so far. My old PB G4 is running 10.4.11. When I installed the OS, I chose not to install iPhoto and iMovie because I didn't think I'd need them on this machine. I'd now like to add them, but am not sure how to do it without wiping the hard drive and starting completely from the beginning. There's got to be an easier way...right? Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,684member
    You can use Pacifist.
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    Find someone that has them, ad-hoc a network, drag and drop them onto your machine.

    Or PM me...
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    mac64mac64 Posts: 13member
    If you are familiar with the terminal you can type

    cd /Volumes/"Mac OS X Install DVD"/System/Installation/Packages

    Type "ls" (LS) to list files there.

    Type cp <filename> /Volumes/User/<username>/Desktop

    to copy them to your desktop.
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    Thanks folks. Pacifist worked perfectly, I now have iPhoto 2.0 and iMovie 3.0 installed, which were on my 10.3 Panther disks. For some reason, my 10.4 Tiger disk does not seem to have either app on it...can't recall if they (or as part of iLife) were sold separately from the OS at that point.
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