I think my iTunes is having a nervous breakdown

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I use iTunes to sync TV Episodes to my iPhone, and until recently it was working. I had it set to 'copy 1 least recent unwatched'. However it started to grow increasingly eratic, copying episodes out of order, and with incorrect album art (this latter issue also infected music and podcasts on my iPhone too)

I finally decided I had had enough, so unintalled iTunes and deleted the iTunes database xml file. After reinstalling and setting everything up again I synced my iPhone only to find the problem, even with a newly created database, was far, far worse. Previously it would be one or two episodes out of order, but post rebuild it was *completely* out of order. So much so it's choice of episodes could be nothing but completely random.

I have everything tagged very comprehensively in iTunes, and the content is a mix of stuff bought from the iTunes store, and stuff I have ripped, encoded, and tagged myself. It all sorts perfectly in iTunes and on my Apple TV, with the correct album art. It's only where my iPhone is involved when iTunes goes completely mad.

Any ideas how to fix this? Having already tried the reinstall route I can only assume there was some residual corruption left over somewhere. Is there any way to completely purge my system of all traces of iTunes, so I really can reinstall from scratch? If not I'll just wait a couple of months until the arrival of Windows 7 will mean a clean install of everything, including iTunes. I'm using Vista now by the way.

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