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I've run Geekbench for several months now since I got my Mac Pro. It's a 2.66x2 with 24gb. In one session I may run it as much as 7 times, each time the numbers normally increase as much as a hundred points from the first. Is that normal? This isn't as much of a concern as the fact that "Processors" says "1", never "2". I've read other results on Geekbench and they say "2". Why is mine different? Should this be a concern? It takes at-least 7 times to get the numbers up, but are still about 300 points lower than others on Geekbench.

When I run GB there are no external connections and no wares are running. Also the machine is has been running for quite a while.

I've also tested different drives including a 300GB 10,000 RPM Velociraptor that's half full, a 1TB Seagate 7200 Cuda, not even 1/3 full, and a WD 640GB about 1/4 full and none made a difference. Increasing RAM from 12gb to 24GB also changed nothing. I'm also running 10.6 now and still no difference.

I'm probably misunderstanding something here, which wouldn't be new, could someone explain, please?

Do I have a lemon?



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    Missing one CPU would result in more than a 300 point difference, the reporting is wrong. Some of the highest end dual processor 3GHz ones are listed as 1 processor too on Geekbench. Your Activity Monitor will show your two CPUs working.

    Sometimes benchmarks take a number of runs to get the numbers up as some hardware components drop their clock speed down to save power and it can take time to change the resource priorities of background apps.

    The 300 point difference you are seeing could be down to your Ram. Not all Ram chips run at the same speed. I bought 3rd party Crucial/Micron Ram to replace the Hynix Ram that Apple ship and it is 5% slower. If your benchmarks are around 5000-6000, this 300 point difference = 300/5000 = 6% could be your Ram.

    Hynix Ram is more expensive though.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 259member

    Todays top benchmark was 15949, my highest ever (with 12gb) was 16378.

    Got my 24GB from OWC. Good/bad? See link below.

    Here are the specs:

    "24.0GB OWC Matched Set (4GB x 6) PC-8500 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM Modules for Mac Pro "Early 2009" "Nehalem" systems."

    Module Specifications:

    Size: 4GB (4096MB) Per Module

    240-pin SDRAM DIMM

    512M x 72, Dual Rank ECC Memory Module

    Data Rate = 1066MHz

    Module Bandwidth 8.5GB/s

    CAS 7-7-7-20

    Voltage 1.5V

    Apple Specified Thermal Sensor*

    The previous 12GB was also from OWC.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,360moderator
    Originally Posted by Tony1 View Post

    Got my 24GB from OWC. Good/bad? See link below.

    The Ram manufacturers generally all get good reviews and they will all have the same specs that are compatible with your machine but you may find minor variations in performance. My Micron Ram was slower at memory allocation for some reason.

    If you still have the stock Ram that came with your machine, you can switch back and run the benchmark but when it comes to such a small difference of 2% performance, it can be a huge number of things and it's no indication that your computer is in any way inferior.

    You can try changing the priority of your Geekbench process using BeNicer (it's a renice GUI front-end and set it to -20), quitting as many apps as you can. Even your Dock will use 1% of your CPU in the background.

    If you're aiming to get a high score, do a safe boot holding shift to clean out your caches. Reboot again then quit all unnecessary apps, renice your Geekbench and see what you get. People cheat to get higher scores so I wouldn't worry about it.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 259member
    That's fine. I was just a bit concerned think'n that something was awry. Thanks a bunch for the info. Now I can rest.

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