SL Problem: Default font in Safari 4

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Hello friends.

Today I installed SL on my white Intel MacBook and everything has been smooth with one exception.

In Safari (and Firefox, I've noted), there is a default font being used that I do not recognize and I have been unable to figure out how to change it. I have modified the font settings through the Safari preferences pane (Times 16, Courier New 13) and tried to change the text encoding and other various things in both the overall System Preferences and the Safari preferences.

All to no avail.

What makes this worse is that this new default font is extremely difficult on my eyes. It pops up all over the place on the net.. and it is especially bad in Gmail, which is my main email client.

As I said before, I don't recognize this font and when I tried to copy and paste it to Word to at least see what font it is, it pasted as Arial in Word. Obviously, it is not Arial. Lastly, this was not a problem before I installed SL and I do not recognize this font from any previous program or usage.

I am looking for any guidance on how to change the default font display in my internet browser.


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    mac64mac64 Posts: 13member
    Default font definitions in Safari are only used when a website does not specify a font. Most websites these days specify a specific font.

    If fonts seem hard to read, you can try checking your "Appearance" panel in System Preferences. At the bottom try checking or un-checking "Use LCD Font Smoothing" and possibly change the "Turn off smoothing for font sizes.."

    I don't believe Safari has a way to over-ride a website's font. But FireFox 3.5 does.

    Prefrences > Content > Fonts & Colors > Advanced > Uncheck "Allow pages to choose their own fonts..."
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