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I did a 10.6 install on my MacMini connected to my Sony 52". I was wondering if displayconfigx would work/carryover or what. I use a dvi to component adapter so I thought this might be useful to some.

I inserted the 10.6 update and did an update without restart. The update didn't work with my dvi adapter at first. I had to resort to breaking out my mini-dvi to hdmi adapter to see the install after I rebooted. Cause I couldn't get any video. This wasn't due to displayconfigx tho.

After the install finished and I rebooted. I switched back to my dvi component adapter. It showed up working, but of course was not lined up properly. Luckily for me I type up all of my displaconfigx settings to a text file. And launched displayconfigx, and re-entered them. I clicked install and rebooted.

The macmini rebooted and everything worked as before in 10.5.8 with regards to the Display Settings.

Hope this helps anyone debating about upgrading.


ONE NOTE: For some reason, the display went to "sleep" during install, it wasn't actually asleep but I got a "No Signal" message from my Sony. So then I just pressed enter on the keyboard and then it "woke up", got source basically.


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    Well very very bad news, I just got thru installing the MacMini Firmware Update 1.2, and now:

    I get no display

    I only get 4 resolutions (via Screen Sharing).

    DisplayConfigX won't successfully launch... in order to remove it...

    I am unplugging and plugging back in to get signal but no luck...

    Trying to uninstall DisplayConfigX manually...

    Will report back if anything changes this BREAK

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    I had no display on my Sony HDTV 52". To make a long story short, somehow the firmware update "zapped" my TV. Seriously.

    After messing with VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc I said wait, and tried my laptop that didn't work either. Then I went and tried the macmini in the bedroom with the 46" Sony, viola, worked. So then I am like what...

    I get back around to the front room where the 52" is, and turn on my playstation 3. That didn't show up. Bugger. Weird thing tho is the SAT (DirecTV) is working fine. So, I go ahead and reset the TV back to factory, (after already tearing up my mac mini). Nothing worked... again. So I applied the firmware patch for the 52" sony that I got. After 3-4 minutes, boom back to working.

    Crazy stuff...

    And I got displayconfigx working again, it wasn't even the problem, or was it?


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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,728member
    Why are you using a DVI to component adaptor with the Mini when your TV has DVI and HDMI inputs?
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