Snow Leopard and TextExpander

in macOS edited January 2014
Being that Snow Leopard is able to handle, or rather, expand abbreviations using the Language and Text system preference, is TextExpander from SmileOnMyMac needed anymore?


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    Depends on what you need it for. Snow Leopard's text expansion is very basic, so it's mostly limited to typos and abbreviations. TextExpander has a lot more options. Here are some things that TextExpander can do that Language & Text can't:

    - insert the date and time

    - perform date and time maths

    - insert images

    - run AppleScripts or shell scripts

    - synchronise expansions with other computers

    - function in non-Cocoa applications

    - function only in certain applications you specify

    - alter the location of expansions (e.g., only after white space)

    - insert the contents of files

    - insert the contents of other expansions

    - insert the contents of the clipboard
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