Photoshop CS3 issues with Snow Leopard

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Apparently Adobe have not officially tested CS3 with Snow Leopard although unofficially they have and acknowledge some problems. They do not acknowledge (officially) the crashes experienced by David Pogue of the New York Times (but claim to be working with him per the John Nash blog at Adobe).

I paid over $600 for PS CS3 a little less than 2 years ago. I think that's a premium that deserves support and not be railroaded into a $200 upgrade to a version of PS CSn that I don't need.

Anyone else use Photoshop CS3 and not want to be forced into CS4 by Adobe?


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    I use PS CS3 and certainly don't want to purchase the CS4 upgrade which like yourself I also purchased around the same time i.e. when Leopard was released.

    That being said (and i haven't installed SL yet, so I can't confirm anything) PS CS3 should work reasonably well though with some minor bugs. As far as I can tell these bugs may well be the same ones I experience already under Leopard i.e. Tool box and tool bar don't redraw a lot of the times when switching views or spaces. The work around to fix that is use tab to hide and re-show these items to force them to redraw.

    Another visual glitch is using Expose on PS C3. The expose thumbnails don't show properly (contents offset radically in small windows) making cutting and pasting via expose not possible not to speak of being able to know what is represented. This is frustrating. The only OS X version of Photoshop that did Expose correctly was PS 7. In fact PS 7 seemed to me more robust than subsequent releases until it broke with Leopard. That being said there are features in CS3, not in 7, that I could not do with out now. Fortunately PS CS3 is workable enough with workarounds for the occasional glitches.

    I can see both ways. For an expensive piece of kit you would expect PS to work much better. On the other hand, after reading a blog by John Nack explaining the difficulties in testing older versions while trying to keep the development team focused on current and new versions, you can see where can see where it is difficult to cover all bases. On top of that the rapid transitions Apple has been making with OS X in the last 9 years can only have added complications.

    I bought a full version of PS CS3 two years ago with a mind to keeping to some degree with the upgrades. So I will see what CS 5 has to offer.

    I just got SL through the letterbox so I will see what happens next!!
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    Well Snow Leopard is now running nicely. Photoshop CS 3 is running as well. I will have to give it the passage of time to see if and where there are any glitches. I will be working with it over the next few days. I will report if I notice anything odd.

    I did notice, in relation to the expose behavior I mentioned in my last post. that now in full screen mode, as Adobe calls it, that Expose just shows the view of image on full grey (or Black) panel and does so correctly. No offset image. In regular standard or windowed mode, which I just realised probably always worked, Expose tiles all the windows correctly. I have managed to build a work around using the actions palette, which is in effect better and more efficient than the way I integrated Expose into my workflow in PS in the past. Its amazing how we can inflict such torture on ourselves for years without seeing good alternatives
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    Thanks iGrouch. I should have SL here shortly and we'll see how it goes.

    Can one revert to Leopard from SL?
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    Unfortunately reverting to a previous system is not possible or even advisable as the data in the Libraries gets updated with a new OS install and will not be compatible with the older version. There is an option of installing Snow Leopard on another drive and migrate your User account and apps, which is what I have done Tiger to Leopard and Leopard to Tiger.

    Having a Mac Pro makes this convenient as you can fill up the drive bays or swap out one drive for another. It would be less so with all other Mac models as access to those is not as easy, and in fact intimidating if dismantling a sealed unit is not your thing. The other option on those other Macs is to test run SL with your apps on the external drive and when satisfied that it is OK., run the upgrade to SL over Leopard. The one thing I did read recently is that you will be able to revert back a point version of SL i.e. 10.6.4 to 10.6.3 without having to archive and install and then combo update.

    That being said I have been running PS CS3 all day and it seems to run fine apart from a slightly different behavior in Expose and Spaces which is at the OS level and may be rectified with a point release.
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