Suddenly something wrought havoc with everything, pheehh for superduper

in macOS edited January 2014
Hey guys, this hadn't happened to me so far in my albeit short yet intense use of a couple of imacs and pbooks. Something, trojan, virus...I dunno...wrought absolute havoc with my system.

It all started when I installed songbook, it crashed and kept crashing, and kept coming up with a crash report app (theirs) and it crashed too, then i opened up bluetooth assistant to set up a bluetooth mouse, it crashed too. So I said, ok, lets reboot. Good grief, on start up a couple of utils i use crashed, safari crashed and would in no way this point of course I am going a bit mental...I get reports referencing an error in addressing the kernel, something about wrong address.

Thank god for superduper, it reads like a plug, but really it's saved me. That and the somehow mac intuition of backing up everything three hours prior. And the funny thing is that I hadn't used this pc, hadn't as much as turned it on in a month or so (was at another home of mine).


I am really taken aback here because coming from windows this would have been just another day in the life of the craptastic, but I 've never had it happen to my mac and seeing everything going to tatters in seconds has got me really scared. Started thinking of anti trojans etc. Ah, onyx would crash too, which was my first line of defense before restoring from backup. Btw, fingers crossed because I am on target disk mode right now restoring the system.

Has that happened to anyone else? What gives?

Word to the wise, or words of comfort appreciated.
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