Toshiba 7" Tablet/MID

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If you get rid of the large bezel you can see that a 7" device is fairly pocketable based on how large this tablet is the video with the guy's hands as reference. I would want a higher rez display than what Toshiba used through.


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    quite fugly and bulky if you ask me, but no one did so i'll keep my mouth shut.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Heh. I know we just disagree about this, but to my eyes that video makes the case that adding a few inches of width and height doesn't really change the portability vibe much, while adding welcome screen real estate.

    It just doesn't look to me like that device, even sans bezel, could fairly be described as "pocketable", but YMMV.
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