Mini and poor wireless networking

in macOS edited January 2014
Anyone else have Snow Leopard on a Mac Mini having wireless networking issues? I have a 2007 Mini, 802.11G, and a Time Capsule. Before Snow Leopard I had no issues with the wireless. Now, I can't get the thing to stay connected for more than 15 minutes. Some times it drops after only a few minutes of connectivity. I've tried several tips that were mentioned on the Apple Discussion boards to avail.

I moved my TC closer and my RSSI went from low 60's to mid 80's. That seemed to help as its one less wall and about 15 feet closer. Doesn't make sense tho why Snow Leopard doesn't work but under Leopard it worked fine from that distance. Unless Apple has botched the power saving features of the NIC some how. Funny thing is that the icon in the status menu says I have 4 full bars but when I Option+right click it says my transmit rate is only 1
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