need help with an automator workflow to convert AAC files to MP3

in macOS edited January 2014

I am trying to work out a way to automatically convert voice memos which I dictate on my iPhone to MP3 files when they are added to my iTunes library during a sync. Then I need the converted files to be in a specific folder so that they will trigger an auto-transcription program that I have running.

From my limited knowledge of automating processes on my Mac it would seem that I need to design a workflow or a folder action in Automator. Probably a folder action would be best, as I could attach it to the 'Voice Memos' folder in my iTunes Music Folder. The converted MP3 files would be saved in the same folder and would then be recognised by the transcription program. I have tried to design a workflow/folder action using Doug's iTunes automator actions as follows, but it is not working as I would like. The workflow is as follows:

Folder Action/Get Folder Contents/Choose encoder (MP3)/Convert Tracks/Choose encoder (apple lossless)/Restore Encoder.

The folder action is triggered when I add AAC files to the folder I have attached the action to, but then I get an error message stating that 'no tracks have been sent to this action'.

i would be grateful for any help to get this working using the automator method or another method


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