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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have a new Digital point and shoot Digital Camera that also shoots video.

Can I download and play the video on IPhoto or must it go to another program like IMovie?


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    For playing video you use a videoplayer...DUH!

    QuickTime is a videoplayer.

    Just copy that video to your desktop and double click it to play.

    iMovie is for editing videos.
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    It should download automatically into your iPhoto library. Clicking on it there should open Quicktime for your viewing pleasure. The new quicktime (that came with Snow Leopard) offers a "save as" option to automatically format it for your iPod, iPhone, etc.
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    Hi Everyone..

    I have a number of video clips in iPhoto sorted into various events alongside corresponding photos.

    While in iMovie, the iPhoto Video Events option only shows several events' videos. Many are missing and it's set to show all clips. iMovie events are all showing up, but the iPhoto ones aren't. Is there something I'm not doing correctly? Is there a way to force iMovie to rebuild its iPhoto video thumbnails?

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