Looking for iPhone 3G repair parts (bezel, back & battery)

in iPhone edited January 2014
I got a pretty beat up iPhone 3G from my bro-in-law, it was owned by a dude that got slapped in the face by a girl thinking he was her cheating boyfriend, so the 3G went flying and ended up face down on concrete. So my bro-in-law fixed the screen and digitizer for him.

He dropped it again later that week and now he wants the 3GS so my bro gave it to me. Now, I'll have to diagnose it since I think the battery swelled...

I need your help for the following:

* Where can I get a back cover & bezel for cheap? Can be any color with no Apple, I don't care.

* Are those 1400 and 1600 mAh batteries really good or that's just a lie?

* Guides on ifixit.com are great, any other suggestion for good battery/bezel/back cover replacement guides (we never have enough info when taking an iPhone down to parts!)

One last comment, I'm in Canada so it has to ship here without UPS (too much import fees!) tongue.gif

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