Is the current gen 13" MBP compatible with a 7200rpm HDD

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hi, I cant get any clarification of this anywhere it seems,

I'm wondering if the current generation macbook pro 13" which I have will work with a 7200RPM internal hard drive, on apples website you can only configure them with a 5400RPM one, yet people are advertising 7200 ones as being compatible on ebay . .

Also does it matter which brand a use,

Thanks for any help.


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    Yes, 7200 will work.

    No, the brand doesn't matter. Any 2.5" SATA drive should work.

    If money's no object, you could get a 10,000 rpm drive and it would work fine.

    A faster rotation draws more power... however, it may not have to spin for as long, since it can retrieve data faster... so for the average user, the difference in battery life is probably not noticeable.
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