O2 UK trying to persuade you to use WiFi

in iPhone edited January 2014
Just got a message as a text from O2 (UK):


Get the most out of apps and the web by using Wi-Fi, at home or out and about. It's quicker, especially for apps like video, and really easy to set up. Tap the link and we'll take you through the steps. http://shop.o2.co.uk/update/wifi.html

It looks like O2 are getting worried that too many people are using their network when they could be using WiFi.

I wonder if it's targeted especially to me - a few weeks ago I used the carrier hack to enable tethering while I was without home internet, which they can obviously detect as they know where I am and will have seen a big spike in usage when I'm there...

Did anyone else with O2 get this message?


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