Acrobat Pro 9 slow - plugin problem

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I used Acrobat Pro 9 under OS X 10.5.8 (and now 10.6) primarily for emailing editable PDFs of magazine layouts for commenting by the editor. This review system used to work great, but at some point AP9 started to run really, really slowly - menus took ages to drop down after click, PDF took long to save for email/comments etc. Traced the problem after much trial and error to the Weblink plugin (Weblink.acroplugin) and disabled it. Acrobat SCREAMS now - much faster than it ever was before, very responsive.

Problem is, though, apparently Weblink is the plugin that gives us that wonderful Commenting toolbar, without which one can't start an email based review at all! I can send the PDF as an email attachment, but the editor can't mark it up on their end (they have just the basic Adobe Reader, not Acro Pro).

Is there any solution to this? Any way to get this plugin to behave and not drag the whole program to a grinding halt? CPU usage of AP9 when this plugin is installed is always near 100% - which is crazy. If Preview could create PDFs that could be marked up using Adobe Reader, I would kiss AP9 goodbye in a heartbeat, but AFAIK it can't - unless the person on the other end had Preview, they can't comment or markup my PDFs.

Any ideas? I'd appreciate it \
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